Visions and ethics

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Notes and scratchpad for visions and ethics

  • The vision of Eudea is not a static one. Rather, the vision itself is one of evolution and constant adaptation to increasingly rapid change amidst the landscapes of technology and society.
  • Congruent with 'intentional communities,' the possibility for attentional communities exists. Offering attention to the ever-changing needs of this global moment is appropriate as a philosophy amid rapid change. What we direct our attention towards, as well as that which we bring other's attention to, are matters of choice.
  • We enjoy cohesion, growth and sanctification through music, art, health, eco-shamanic wisdom, and open source education.
  • There currently exist thousands of ecovillages and intentional communities with various emphases such as sustainability, arts and spirituality, and in the past decade, many hundreds of hackerspaces have sprung up and taken form around the world, with thousands more in development. We would like to merge these world-changing and humanity-saving movements: the hackers, makers, techies, geeks, DIY scientists, and social entrepreneurs with the healers, hippies, artists, permies and plant-people. We see a tremendous amount these groups can offer to and learn from each other. Hackers + Hippies = Happies :)
  • Tinkerers, artists, makers, hackers, healers, permies and plant-people all welcome to ideate and co-create sustainable, accessible, aesthetic and replicable solutions to the challenges of this age.