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From naturopathy to ecotherapy, quantified-self to biofeedback, nutrition to Tai Chi, health and wellness practices are an indispensable part of this global transition, and are integral to the vision of Eudea.

Offering health services to visitors is also a way to generate revenue for the village. Such services would also contribute to the health and happiness of the community.

Holistic Hospital & Soul Spa
  • Multi-modality healing services
    • modern medicine, naturopathy, physical therapy, ecotherapy, mind-body practices, etc.
Shamanic Medical School
  • Ethnopharmacognosy and its applications
  • Intercultural healing techniques exchanged between cross-continental healers, shamans, doctors, herbalists and body workers.
  • Medical music research
Psychedelic Wellness Center
  • Psychedelics and entactogens may be legalized within the next 5-12 years for therapeutic and medical purposes (and perhaps eventually through religious freedom). They are currently entering phase III clinical trials, part of which involves administering the substances to hundreds of psychiatrists and psychotherapists as part of their own training to eventually use them with patients. Clinical trials with psychedelics over the past 20 years have taken place in hospital settings. While some of the hospital rooms used for the sessions are repurposed with a couch, softer light and perhaps some flowers and a piece of art or two, this is still an inappropriate setting for such a significant experience. Setting is crucial to the outcome of this type of experience, and access to fresh air, nature, and sanctified spaces and art can help tremendously with facilitating positive outcomes and deepening integration. When psychedelics are approved for medical applications, and then eventually allowed for the betterment of well people, psychedelic healing centers will be needed to facilitate such healing practices and experiences: places where medical professionals with appropriate technology are available alongside gardens, bird songs, sunsets and inspirational art and architecture.
  • Because these types of facilities are inevitable and may become in demand, perhaps it is better to start planning, building and preparing them as general holistic healing centers, designed with the same attention to beauty and mystery that an authentic shamanic healing center would have, so that when those most ancient and effective tools become once again available (legal), such an establishment can begin providing services swiftly.