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Economic Structures

Intrinsic Economy (Oikonomia)

The internal economy of Eudea can be value and inspiration-based; utilizing a network of gift economies, trading systems, national currency, voluntary agreements and emergent arrangements.

The internal economy is unified with the community's participation agreements and ethical visions.

Extrinsic Economy (Chrematistike)

The trade between Eudea and external economies (national, digital and other value systems), can be based on a number of factors, and can be categorized according to what we give (export) and what we receive (import).

Offering (exports)

  • Social & tech start-up incubation & acceleration
  • Products of collaborative entrepreneurship and maker residents.
    • humanitarian-based inventions, software, tech solutions, agricultural solutions, scientific research and development, art, fashion, foods...
  • Produce
  • [Education]
    • Workshops, retreats
  • [Health and Wellness]
    • Holistic Hospital & Psychedelic Spa
    • Shamanic Medical School
  • [Events/Conferences]
  • Residence, rentals

Accepting (imports)

  • Partnerships
    • Village will serve as laboratory for prototyping experimental technologies coming from the maker movement, social entrepreneurs and renewable resource researchers.
    • Experts and designers in residence can implement permaculture projects, automated greenhouses for economic, medicinal or endangered botanicals, wireless mesh network advancements, art installations...
    • Exchange programs with other eco-villages, makersteads, schools (CIIS, JFK, Singularity University, permaculture schools, etc)
  • Food
  • Technology
  • Materials
  • Currency

Costs & Materials


Participatory open budgeting. (see Participation & Stewardship)

Information, Resources

Relevant projects, intiatives

Ecovillage economics

General info and philospophy: from Classical Liberalism to cryptonomics.

Alternative currency, local & P2P economics

Crypto/DAC's/Public ledger systems/Smart Contracts

Fundraising, Crowd Investing

"Campaigns with videos will raise 114% more money than those without. Additionally, users who update campaign pages every five days or less raise significantly more money than if they update every 20 days or more. Lastly, if a campaign has four or more people on its team, it will raise 70% more money than a crew of one." -[[1]]