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Early childhood


  • Learn new skills
  • Hack on something outside of the city
    • Permaculture and farming (plants, animals, fermentation)
    • Heavy agricultural and construction equipment
    • Environmental science
    • Natural home building
    • Art projects
    • Self, Spirit

1 or 2-day workshops, classes

1 or 2-week educational and work/trade retreats


Seasonal work/trade apprenticeships

Aesthetics, beauty and sanctification.

  • In Black Rock City, structures are not simply designed for utility alone, but also aesthetics. Nearly every surface and silhouette is designed with either beauty, biomimicry, artistic expression or a provocative trippiness.
  • Straight lines and shades of grey are so passé.
  • Nature is beautiful, as should be artifice.
  • Art and design are integral to Eudea.
  • Should Eudea Wiki data-structure be altered to better reflect the convergence of art and engineering?
  • Installations, sculpture labs, architectural celebrations...

(see also Design, Structures & Infrastructure)

Links, Inspiration