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Networks, Collaborative & Open Source Design

Natural Building

General Info

Education & Services

Designs, Materials

Earth Ships

Earth Berms (Hobbit Homes, Earth-Sheltered Homes)

Cob & Stawbale

Hemp & Hempcrete



Earth Bags



    • Eco Built Systems - modular sustainable dome homes, green building materials and bio-friendly aquaponics systems.

3D modeling & Virtual Design

  • CAD designs (domes, tents, yurts, hobbit homes, green-structures, infrastructure, etc.) can be used in combination with satellite imagery and terrain data to create immersive 3D virtual-village geo-models; also usable in on-site, augmented reality applications.
  • Ongoing, immersive 3D 'Sim City' style design process, eventually integrated with augmented reality glasses for practical, cultural and entertainment purposes.
  • Almere Oosterwold

Large Scale 3D Fabrication (Countour crafting, CNC, etc.)

Dwellings, Interiors

Tiny Houses



Wells and Water Infrastructure

Solid Waste Management, Grey Water Systems


Biomorphic Design
  • Neuromorphic Architecture
General Inspiration
Visionary Installations & Construction