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Wikitown is a collaborative and open curation of information resources for villages,
communities and individuals seeking optimal health, comfort and ecological accord,
as well as increasing non-reliance upon centralized resource management systems,
through the use of permaculture, networking, and appropriate technological methods.

Affordable, accessible and replicable solutions to the challenges of food and energy production, material scarcities, environmental stewardship, economic and educational modalities, maintaining health and enhancing wellness, now exist. Many are new and being devised and discovered every day through the integration of modern science and technology with ethical and ecological sensibility. And many solutions are deeply time-tested methods devised within our myriad cultures, societies, tribes and lineages, now capable of being shared with and improved by every other human group and individual with online access.

Such as:

“Off-grid,” “resource independence” and “self-reliance” are often used to describe some of the goals of ecovillages, intentional communities and homesteads. It is now time to update those goals to “online,” “resource networking” and “inter-reliance,” for the dream of being free to communicate, network and trade with anyone, non-violently, from around the world, can now exist within the scope our visions, plans and realities. The immeasurable diversity of non-local resources, culture and creativity benefits all. What we seek disconnection and independence from are the centralized systems of material and social resource-control that are often dependent upon cohersion, violence, and deception.

Ethical solutions to nearly all aspects of our planetary crisis are either present or emerging. The primary challenge remaining is to remember and understand our true nature, and thereby cultivate our innate capacities for caring, reason and communication.

Networked, autonomous localities, villages and communities, coalesced around shared values that are aligned with nature and humanity, are not only possible, they are inevitable. How soon they may start to succeed, proliferate and flourish depends on what we do now.